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Name- Balaji Baburao Jadhav                                

School- Vijaynagar Tal- Man Dist-satara Maharashtra

Mo- 7588611015/9657992518



Youtube channel-  Shikshanbhkati


1)            7 years continue student got merit in std 4th scholarship exam.

2)            1 student selected for DID (Prathmesh Mane)

3)            Google,MICROSOFT, MKCL, Gujrat Gov awarded for ICT work.

4)            Maharashtra E Gov IT Cell Member.

5)            SCERT Techno Resource Person.

6)            KARYAPRERNA  Resourse person.

7)            State Video creation team member.

8)            Balbharti Apps creation team member.

9)            Over 200 workshop for teacher in maharashtra and all over India.

10)          Over 10 articles on technology.

11)          State best web award for

12)          Take virtual trip more than 15 country.

13)          Make offline 25 android application.

14)          Make sms channel for school.

15)          Collect More than 5 lakh people contribution for school development.

16)          Make over 500 free online test for compatitave exam.

17)          I am use meny open source tool for teaching.

18)          Daily meny lakh students are using my online test, videos,apps,toutrials.

19)          National E Inovation Award 2017

20)          Globle Outreach Award 2018

21)          Google National/ International Award

22)          Microsoft Certified Teacher

23)          10Time on Electronic Media an more than 100 time print media take coverage about my work.

24)          Make Offline Animated Flipbook.

25)          Connect My school with more than 40 country by Video Confernce

26) Asain Education Award 2020

27) HBNCRIIA international Award 2020.











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